Tex Tile collaborates with yarn factory to develop innovative fabric. 2011 Tex Tile worked with Dr. Cheng and Zhanyi (yarn supplier) to invent WinCool® fabric, which contains WinCool® Fiber that let Dr. Cheng and his team won 39th Salon International Des Inventions.


Zhanyi applies nanotechnology to make mineral powder and combine it into Nylon or Polyester fiber to produce WinCool® yarn. WinCool® fabric can cool down the skin temperature 1℃~2℃, and since the cooling function comes from the yarn, it is permanent performance, never wash away.

WinCool® Fabric
Cool Down
the Skin Temperature
Strength of WinCool® Fabric
  Permanent Cooling Function   Instant Cooling   Comfort   Quick Dry   Eco-Friendly  
Cooling Function
Instant Cooling Comfort Quick Dry Eco-Friendly
To enhance application of WinCool® fabric, Tex Tile combines microfiber and high gauge technology to improve wicking effect for using on sportswear. Capillary Action and hand feel of microfiber is better than normal fiber; therefore, microfiber is suitable for sportswear.
However, color fastness of microfiber is difficult to reach buyer’s requirement, but Tex Tile’s own Dyeing House can guarantee color fastness of 75 Denier/144 Filament to grade 4 of AATCC 61-2A/ ISO105C06 B2S, using Adidas 095A or NIKE 00A as bench mark.
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Dralon® Fabric

Light but Warm

Dralon is a dry-spun acrylic fiber from Germany which yarn cross section is dog bone form and has more space between fibers. Therefore, like wool fabric with nature hand feel, Dralon® Fabric has extremely soft and fluffy hand feel because the air layers. Moreover, Dralon® fiber is 10% lighter than wet spun acrylic fiber to reach the same fluffy level and has better warm retentionperformance.


Tex Tile uses LYCRA® fiber to make stretchable Dralon® Fabric and wants to provide a more comfortable and lighter dressing experience for consumers.

Dralon® Fabric
Imitation wool lightweight fabrics
Lighter than
10 %
Strength of Dralon® Fabric
  Permanent Cooling Function   Instant Cooling   Comfort   UV-Cut   Quick Dry   Eco-Friendly  
Soft and Fluffy
Hand Feel
Like Cashmere
No Need of
Dry Cleaning
Warm Retention Dye for
Bright Color
Wicking &
Drying Effect
No Skin
Allergies Reported
  • Other Application


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