Tex Tile contributes to environmental protection, especially through managing of wastewater. Tex Tile designed wastewater management system before building dyeing house, and established the system underground. In addition to establishing system underground, performance is much better than emission standard of Taiwan Government.

  • Standard
    Biochemical Oxygen Demand ("BOD")
    Chemical Oxygen Demand ("COD")
    Suspended Solids ("SS")
    Temperature of wastewater
    PH Value
  • Item Standard Actual
    BOD5 30 mg/L <10 mg/L
    COD 140 mg/L < 110 mg/L
    SS 30 mg/L <10 mg/L
    Temperature 25°C - 38°C About 32°C
    PH Value 6-9 About 7-8

Wastewater Recycle

Tex Tile recycles water vapor and cooling water to water tower for secondary use,
in order to fulfill sustainable development.

wastewater recycle

Management of Waste Air

Tex Tile invested Gas Dowtherm Boiler in 2014 to dramatically decrease particulate matter emissions. Besides, Tex Tile recycles heat from setting Machine for secondary use to decrease energy depletion.

Waste Air